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Glitterbeat Records

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Glitterbeat is a label which collects vibrant new sounds from around the world from artists who are both culturally engaged and decidedly contemporary. On the label’s roster are rockers Touaregs Tamikrest (Mali, Algeria), Sahrawi singer Aziza Brahim, Noura Mint Seymal (Mauritania), new-cumbia pioneer Sonido Gallo Negro (Mexico), afro-future artists Fofoulah (UK, Gambia, Senegal), Samba Touré (Mali) singing the blues from the river Niger, and dub-folk fusion band Dirtmusic (Australia, Mali, US). Glitterbeat is built up around artists who transcend genre and culture boundaries, founded to promote releases which embrace music beyond borders whilst maintaining respect for local traditions. Glitterbeat was founded in 2012 by Chris Eckman and Peter Weber.
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