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Fantastic Negrito, the third life...

Fantastic Negrito is more than a committed musician, he his the fabulous reincarnation of a blues carrying a heavy history and portraying people’s pain with deep moving words.

iFi Audio xDSD: Qobuzism for this DAC whose sound performances seemed to us even better than those, already excellent, of its predecessors!

Latest of the nomadic DACs from the British manufacturer iFi Audio, the xDSD is quite different from its predecessors, and is indeed much more attractive to people who like flashy objects. But while the aspect of this new DAC has been updated, it kept the excellent musical genes from its elders and even seems to have improved on them, leading to it being awarded with a Qobuzism.

Beware, Shannon Shaw comes to Nashville !

Without the Clams and with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, she signs a solo album that sounds retro and vintage...

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset: record and listen to the sound in binaural, with or without pictures!

Sennheiser is not only specialized in headphones but also in recording microphones. Thus its Ambeo Smart Headset in-ear earphones model integrates microphones that allows you to record in stereo while you have the earphones in your ears, enabling a sound recording type called binaural.

Stephen Malkmus, the king of indie

The best solo album yet from the former member of the Pavement...

Joshua Redman, in the name of the father

With "Still Dreaming", the saxophonist pays hommage to his father Dewey, but also to Ornette Coleman...

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