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Soft Sound III

The 1975 are back with their third studio album "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships."

Back to Blues

For some years now, Barbara Hendricks has had the blues.

Dandy Man

Bryan Ferry is the ultimate dandy, the singer that never gets old and who does as he pleases.

Glastonbowie 2000

The live Glastonbury 2000 performance is finally available in Hi-Res 24-Bit!

Cabaret Cocktail

Beth Hart commands the stage with just one click of her fingers!

Perfect Balance

The themes of death, depression and time’s wear and tear don’t typically attract the masses, even if the label does say Warm. However, Jeff Tweedy is the man you’d want consoling you if you’ve got a case of the winter blues, he is one of the most engaging songwriters of his generation.

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