Metronomy: 10 Years of Nights Out

Qobuz Video of the Day On February 20, 2019
The years fly by. Ten already!

Nights Out is a golden nugget of synth pop from 2008 packed full of brooding hits such as Heartbreaker (with its squeaky door sample), A Thing For Me and Radio Ladio. With three synthesizers, a guitar, a nonchalant bass and falsetto choirs, the formula fed into the electro pop wave of the time,...

Jessica Pratt: Mixing the Eras February 19, 2019

Jessica Pratt's Quiet Signs is now on Qobuz

Mavis Staples: Still Going Strong February 18, 2019

Mavis Staples' Live In London is in 24-Bit Hi-Res on Qobuz!

Rustin Man: A Dreamer February 15, 2019

Rustin Man's Drift Code is in Hi-Res 24-Bit on Qobuz

Ralph Alessi and his Imaginary Friends February 14, 2019

Ralph Alessi's Imaginary Friends is in Hi-Res 24-Bit on Qobuz!

Gloomy Boogie February 12, 2019

This first studio album from Boogie truly is engulfed in darkness, sadness and pessimism.

Beirut: A Stroll Down the Italian Coast February 10, 2019

Beirut's Gallipoli is now in Hi-Res 24-Bit on Qobuz!

Brown's "Romantic Funk" February 9, 2019

Listen to the Californian's latest release, Mall of Fortune, in 16-Bit sound quality on Qobuz!

A Tropical Tale February 8, 2019

Leyla McCalla's The Capitalist Blues is in Hi-Res 24-Bit on Qobuz!

Balthazar: Breaking the Trend February 7, 2019

Goodbye sadness, hello sensuality – it’s a brand-new Balthazar!
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