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Metal - Released May 17, 2019 | Rammstein

10 years after their last album, Rammstein is back in business with a new album, making this quite an event; in 25 years of being active, they sold 20 million records, managing to get Americans to listen to German-language metal. The first single Deutschland is rather ironic with this supposed mise en abîme of the history of their country, but is above all triumphant, dark and extremely powerful. Unstoppable, even, thanks to this chorus that forces us to sing with them.Despite metal guitars in the intro, the following track Radio is almost pop, and there is even an acoustic interlude at the end of Diamant. Auslander sounds like a last dance, with some words in French, Italian and English. It’s a very hypnotic album, and one that would be difficult to not listen on loop. Above all, beware of Puppe’s seductive oriental kiss, he lets us imagine the worst abuses imposed on this doll… Rammstein handles the art of fire of ice with their talent and brilliance, which is exactly what we love about them. © Christian Eudeline/Qobuz

Metal - Released May 31, 2019 | Rammstein


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Metal - Released March 28, 2019 | Rammstein