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London-based rapper, songwriter, and DJ Shygirl makes brash, sexually charged pop songs that draw from grime, post-industrial hip-hop, and experimental club styles. Easily recognizable by her fast, direct rhymes and unraised voice, Shygirl frequently collaborates with producer Sega Bodega, with whom she co-founded the NUXXE label/collective, and has additionally worked with SOPHIE, Arca, Zebra Katz, and others. Her discography includes critically acclaimed EPs and singles such as 2019's "BB" and 2020's ALIAS. Born Blane Muise in South London, Shygirl attended classes at the University of Bristol. She co-founded NUXXE with Sega Bodega and Coucou Chloe in 2016, and made her debut with the single "Want More." In 2017, she guested on Sega Bodega's single "CC" and LYZZA's Powerplay EP, and released her own two-song single, MSRYNVR. Shygirl's debut EP Cruel Practice, a mixture of garage, grime, and experimental hip-hop, received rave reviews when it appeared in 2018. She released a trio of singles in 2019, with "BB" making the biggest impact. In 2020, she made appearances on albums by Georgia, Zebra Katz, and Arca, and signed to Because Music for the release of her second EP, ALIAS. Led by the single "FREAK," the EP featured production by SOPHIE, Sega Bodega, Kai Whiston, Happa, and others. Shygirl collaborated with Cosha on the 2021 single "Lapdance from Asia."
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