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The Solem Quartet Seize the Day

British chamber group, The Solem Quartet, make a shining debut with their Qobuzissime-winning album 'The Four Quarters.' Although the album is centred around Thomas Adès' quartet of the same name, we are surprised at every turn with a snippet of Purcell, a slice of Bartók, and even a sprinkle of Kate Bush.

Top Outdoor Speakers: Which to Choose for 2021?

There's nothing like a small, portable speaker to enjoy music outdoors in company. Despite their small size, they can provide good quality sound for a terrace, a garden or a secluded green corner. You also have to have respect for your neighbours. Today's outdoor loudspeakers have the ability to play music in a high-quality way without the need to turn up the volume excessively. Here is our top ten pick of the best speakers for listening to Qobuz in the open air.

Bring On Amyl and The Sniffers

From the sticky underground Melbourne scene to the world stage, Amyl and The Sniffers' second album 'Comfort to Me' is more than worthy of our Qobuzissime Award.

Gaspar Claus, Alone at Last

Discover our Qobuzissime award for "Tancade", the first solo album of the most atypical of cellists...

Park Hye Jin - Between House and Rap

Our latest Qobuzissime has been awarded to "Before I Die", a fascinating first album by the young South Korean who lives in L.A. Park Hye Jin mixes lo-fi house, laid back Californian rap and UK garage - consider her the ideal bridge between hip-hop and electronic music.

Paved Paradise x Qobuz

Five labels. Fifteen cities. One truck.

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