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Abel Selaocoe, the future of classical music

Qobuzissime for the young cellist, adored by Yo-Yo Ma, who builds amazing bridges between classical music and that of his native South Africa. A shock!

Rest in Peace Pharoah Sanders

John Coltrane's protégé, the great tenor saxophonist and a key player in the free music scene has died at the age of 81...

Samara Joy, a star is born

With "Linger Awhile", the young New Yorker makes a remarkable entry on the prestigious Verve label. Remarkable and refined!

Al-Qasar, Rocking in the Desert

With their fiery guitars, muscled chords and trance-like rhythms, Thomas Attar Bellier’s band releases a formidable album fusing Arab music and stoner rock. A hypnotic Qobuzissime!

Interview with Jockstrap: Eclectic, Unexpected, Surreal

Jockstrap is the perfect amalgamation of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye's immense talents. The London duo create music that is eclectic, unexpected, surreal, and they revel in that chaotic, bizarre space they've carved out for themselves.

Visit to Nagra: the Swiss Benchmark for Ultra High Fidelity

Visit to Nagra: For the 70th anniversary of the company, we were invited to visit the premises, the production unit and the Nagra showrooms. This Swiss company, located not far from Lausanne, has enjoyed worldwide renown almost since its birth. We are going to tell you about its success story, reveal some of its manufacturing secrets and share with you our impressions of listening to these exclusive devices.

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