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DUCKWRTH, A SuperGood Album?

Duckwrth is at a turning point in his career. He is one of those artists who has been in the game long enough to be clearly recognisable, but struggles to make a clear mark.

Bronson Bronson Bronson

This latest album from Bronson is a multi genre electronic album that experiments with deep house elements, industrial sound design and lush vintage synthesisers.

Marilyn Manson's Self Reflection

It's been nearly two decades since Marilyn Manson was the transgressive cultural figure he built his brand on.

Artemis: The Jazz Goddesses

Super groups are often over marketed and rather dull. However, this appears to be the complete opposite with Artemis’s debut album, released on Blue Note Records.

Bruce Hornsby: Non-Secure Connection

Having quietly built one of the most diverse careers in modern popular music, pianist, composer and ever curious consumer of influences, Bruce Hornsby refuses to pick a genre or play it safe.

The Flaming Lips: Sunset Youth in Oklahoma

For their 16th album, Wayne Coyne’s band create a nostalgic and psychedelic trip.

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