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Big Sean Big Album

This new Big Sean album has been in the pipeline for several months but due to COVID-19 it’s release was pushed back... Until Now!

Public Enemy no1!

The return of Public Enemy to Def Jam is quite something. Sure, the legendary American rap group also released What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down under their own label, Enemy Records. But it’s the return to their roots which makes this album truly symbolic...

Thylacine - Classical EDM

Always keen to spice things up, Thylacine has spent the last two years going on musical journeys...

Cambridge CXN v2: a Qobuz streamer and a Hi-Res digital amplifier all in one

The Cambridge CX range underwent a comprehensive update three years ago to accommodate some notable design changes. The device in question here is the CNX streamer in its second version. It promises to meet audiophile’s expectations through its ability to link up to other products on the CX range as well as being used autonomously.

The Icelandic King of Pop is Back!

The frontman of Icelandic band Sigur Rós, Jónsi, had tried his hand at a solo career ten years ago with the album Go. In order to get the ball rolling in this direction again, it took an offer from A. G. Cook, the founder of PC Music and Charli XCX’s creative director...

IDLES : F The System!

After toiling in obscurity for nearly a decade, the Bristol, England, band Idles broke through in 2017—earning accolades for their big, heavy, ferocious sound and lyrics railing against toxic masculinity, white privilege and over-reaching government.

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