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How Many Bassists? ONETWOTHREE!

One bassist is company, two bassists are a crowd and three bassists? That’s a party! That’s what Andy Warhol meant right? Well, he isn’t wrong, especially in the case of ONETWOTHREE’s debut album.

Enargeia - The Evocation of Emily d'Angelo

Emily d'Angelo is one of the worlds most versatile vocalists. For her latest trick, d'Angelo has conjured a spellbinding programme for her debut album that will leave you breathless.

Not So Badbadnotgood

For their explosive fifth album, the Canadian trio return to their crazy jazz roots...

Newvelle Records

Streaming? Streaming who? For Newvelle Records, the future is vinyl. With ultra-crisp sound recorded in a world-class studio, Newvelle give you quality jazz like you’ve never heard before… with an exclusive Qobuz twist.

The Specials Revolt

Reformed in 2009, the British ska gang are back once again and bring you an album of eclectic covers of protest songs ranging from Bob Marley to the Staple Singers via Leonard Cohen. These are committed songs that are still relevant today...

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