Laying down her unabashed rap over hard-hitting club beats, Blane Muise aka Shygirl hit the ground running with her debut EP Cruel Practice in 2018. Since then, she has collaborated with Lady Gaga and Arca, and here she is releasing her first album, Nymph. Behind the console: her friend Sega Bodega, with whom she founded the label Nuxxe (together with the two Frenchwomen Coucou Chloé and Oklou). The same Bodega who pushed her to take the microphone when she didn't show any artistic inclination...

Shygirl - Nike | A COLORS SHOW


After having set the dancefloors on fire, Shygirl reveals on this first Qobuzissime record a more sensitive side, through moments of grace like Honey, or the buzzing jungle beat found on the sublime finale Wildfire, which makes the spine vibrate.

Shygirl - Firefly (Official Video) Midnight Edition


Among the guests on Nymph, we note the presence of Arca and their industrial drums copyrighted on Come for Me, as well as a feature from Mura Masa on Nike, or the title track with the iconic Megan Thee Stallion, featuring a super simple and super heavy beat combined with a small bell in the background and throbbing siren - guaranteed to get the hips moving.

However, it is Bodega who provides Shygirl with her most amazing prompts. Between the chill of Coochie (a bedtime story), the single Firefly and its crazy chopped guitar riff, or the rave synths of Poison, it is easy to get lost in the staggering mix of genres that already cements Shygirl as a major figure of the 2020s. Qobuzissime, inevitably.

Shygirl - Coochie (a bedtime story) [Official Video]


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