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The final frontier

"I think it's my last record", Jason Pierce told the UK daily The Independent in 2016.

Old songs in a new light

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself.

Episode III

In 2004, he said that his album Solo Piano was a project that had relieved him of a variety of complexes that he had had about the relationship of his music to his character. How to sum up this singer, musician, entertainer?


Not easy to be Paul McCartney in 2018…

This is my swamp

An old, bald black man, wearing a plain gold satin gown, the same colour as his glasses frames, sits on the edge of an empty swimming pool whose bottom is carpeted with dead leaves. Mug in hand, geta on his dangling feet, he is drinking coffee with the steely air of one who intends to top the first soul to visit him...

Hi-Res revival

Still in the framework of Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary, Jimmy Page wanted to add a new iteration to the double live that wasn’t unanimously received upon its release...

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