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Spencer Davis, a Leader in the Shadows

The guitarist of the Spencer Davis Group, the flagship band of sixties British beat that brought us Steve Winwood, recently passed away at the age of 81…

Bruce has still got it!

The arc of creative genius is predictable. In popular music, the simple answer is no one writes great songs forever. Success tends to dull raging emotions and satiate once endless hunger. In popular music few outside the Beatles can claim a run of success like that of Bruce Springsteen.

Action Bronson: Do you love him or hate him?

Whether you’re listening to his music or watching him stuff his face, push his cholesterol through the roof and talk with pieces of meat between his teeth on TV; when it comes to Action Bronson, you either love him or hate him.

Big Sean Big Album

This new Big Sean album has been in the pipeline for several months but due to COVID-19 it’s release was pushed back... Until Now!

Public Enemy no1!

The return of Public Enemy to Def Jam is quite something. Sure, the legendary American rap group also released What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down under their own label, Enemy Records. But it’s the return to their roots which makes this album truly symbolic...

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