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Van Halen, like father like son...

Van Halen was certainly the name on many people’s lips in late 2020 and early 2021. Of course, this was mainly due to the unfortunate passing of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen on October 6th, 2020. Now we’re treated to a much more pleasing surprise with the release of his son Wolfgang’s long-awaited first solo album.

Yo-Yo Ma & Emanuel Ax - The Reunion

Fourty years after their first complete recording of the same works, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Emanuel Ax reunite as two venerable white-haired gentlemen.

Rostam's Road Trip - Changephobia

Rostam's latest album, Changephobia, explores the rush and uncertainty of life accompanied by that trademark Vampire Weekend sound he became famous for

80 Years of Martha Argerich

There are very few good pianists, many average ones, and only one Martha Argerich

Kef LS50 Meta: a Must-have Benchmark for Small Bookshelf Speakers

The LS50 bookshelf speakers are a unique part of the Kef catalogue in that they don’t come in any smaller or larger versions. That being said, they have given rise to a connected model, the LS50 Wireless. And before us now we have the newest edition: the LS50 Meta. The new model uses Metamaterial Absorption Technology to dampen rearward sound emitted by the tweeter. What should we expect from this innovation and what does it bring to these Kef speakers?

Sons of Kemet go Black to the Future

After four years, jazz pioneers Son's of Kemet are back with a brain-meltingly good new album that is here to make a statement!

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