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Jaimie Branch: sound untamed

Qobuz Video of the Day On October 17, 2019
The American trumpeter's new album is packed full of strong jazz music with a message to match.

It’s not just the “new English scene” that’s shaking up the jazzosphere this decade. Chicago is also home to a bunch of inspired young musicians committed to taking jazz in new directions. And aside from just the charismatic...

Kevin Gates: a masterclass in rap October 16, 2019

With his new album "I'm Him", the Louisiana MC is showing most of his competitors who's boss.

Hanson takes on Haydn October 14, 2019

Qobuzissime for the spectacular first album by the Quatuor Hanson, an inspired tribute to Joseph Haydn.

Souad Massi's wish for freedom October 11, 2019

With her new album "Oumniya", the Kabylian singer Souad Massi tackles the hardships facing her native country.

Portico Quartet: reshaping jazz October 10, 2019

The London group are back and experimental as ever with their latest album.

Mika, uncovered October 9, 2019

Is "My Name Is Michael Holbrook" the pop star's most introspective album yet?

Electro Deluxe, putting the funk in French Touch October 6, 2019

For their 6th album, the French funksters get experimental with electronic music.

Angel Olsen's style steps up October 4, 2019

"All Mirrors", Angel Olsen's 4th album, is the American singer's most stylistic work yet.

Highwomen: A Most Successful Heist September 12, 2019

This is one fierce group of women.

Robert Randolph: "I always go back to how something sounds" September 11, 2019

After emerging from the sacred pedal steel tradition in the African-American Pentecostal church, Robert Randolph has expanded the sonic...
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