Orville Peck: The Enigmatic Outlaw

Qobuz Video of the Day On March 24, 2019
Peck's dulcet tones and neo-country sound have earned him a Qobuzzisme.

The album cover is intriguing; Stetson on his head, mask over his eyes and tasseled veil on the mouth. Orville Peck comes across as yet another ‘masked avenger’, camouflaged, helmeted, hidden, ready to join Daft Punk, Cascadeur, The Residents, MF Doom and...

Dominic Miller: Impressive Impressionism March 23, 2019

Dominic Miller returns with yet another mesmerising and etherial album

Weezer: Bubblegum Pop March 21, 2019

Although this band has been historically reviled by critics and fans alike, the Black Album provides more of what Weezer does best: fluffy, light...

The Solange mélange: An Ode to Houston Hip-Hop March 20, 2019

Solange's hometown is the beating heart of her fourth studio album, powering a personal assortment of feelings manifested as songs

Dick Dale: King of Surf Guitar March 19, 2019

After being rediscovered in 1994 for a new generation thanks to the soundtrack of "Pulp Fiction", the American guitarist has died at the age of 81

Little Simz: Taking it up a Notch March 18, 2019

Along several big-name collaborators, Little Simz reaches new heights with her third studio album

Adia Victoria: Silences March 17, 2019

Adia Victoria's second album proves that blues can bite.

Yaron Herman Trio: Songs Of The Degrees March 16, 2019

Songs of the Degrees is in 24-Bit Hi-Res on Qobuz!

Yves Jarvis: The Same But By Different Means March 15, 2019

With a new name and a new identity, Jean-Sebastian Audet tells us what it means to be Yves Jarvis

Julia Jacklin: Crushing March 14, 2019

With devastating lyrics and these beautifully painful videos, Crushing lives up to its namesake
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