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After meeting through mutual friends, Bart Davenport, Hervé "RV" Salters, and Tony Sevener, all of whom had been involved in various Bay Area projects, decided to meet in Salters' home studio and see what they could create together musically. With Davenport on vocals (he had sung with the Loved Ones and the Kinetics as well as released his own solo albums), Salters on keys (he had played for Femi Kuti as well as a variety of Quannum artists, and released an album as General Elektriks in 2005), and Tony Sevener on live MPC (he had been the drummer for Summercamp), Honeycut began recording some of their own songs. Salters passed them on to Quannum honcho Chief Xcel, who liked what he heard so much that he signed Honeycut to the label and released their debut album, The Day I Turned to Glass, which took soul and funk influences and mixed them with electronics and live horns and strings, in 2006.
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