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Christina Aguilera wants to break free !

For six long years, our pop star hasn't brought out an album. Her last, and certainly not her best, was Lotus. But now it's another side of her that we can see...

Kamasi Washington, close to heaven

After the triple, the double! Kamasi Washington, who shook the jazzosphere with The Epic (2015) is still thinking big, with Heaven and Earth, an equally-copious diptych.

Sophie the UFO

SOPHIE is one of those artists who inspire fascination right away, as much thanks to the mystery of their personality as the ineffable quality of their sound. We first met her in 2006 on the London label PC Music, and Samuel Long (SOPHIE's real name) was already producing music that was stranger than the output of all the rest of that crew (which is saying something).

Maghreb is getting united with Ammar 808

An escapee from the collective Bargou 08, Tunisian electro musician Sofyannn Ben Youssef took on the pseudonym Ammar 808 to release his hair-raising first album.

Buddy Guy is not an old fashioned bluesman !

Damn Right ! Who could disagree? Of course Buddy Guy has blues in the blood! The Chicago guitar legend is saying it loud on this album: The Blues Is Alive And Well! At 81 years old, he seems on better form than ever, and has a lot to teach the youth.

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