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Khruangbin, A Groove UFO

Pop-funk, jazz-dub, offbeat flamenco, African or Korean scents... The third album from the Texan trio has a lot to offer and shows off the band’s many influences. A very rich record.

Jehnny Beth, the mysterious star

A Qobuzissime first solo album for The Savages lead singer Jehnny Beth. A dark and powerful intimate trip under Bowie's "Blackstar" influence...

Rose RS201E: A Hi-Res audio and video network media player with integrated touch screen and amplifier

Rose is a fairly new Korean HiFi brand. Its major goal is to improve dematerialized audio systems. The brand offers recent products, not more than two or three years old, but very advanced in terms of technology and aesthetics. The wireless amplifier RS201E is a perfect example of Rose’s savoir-faire. It provides maximum features within an innovative design.

Brubaker and Cooper, Men of Glass

With "Glassforms", the American pianist and the Irish producer revisit their idol's compositions, producing a very contemporary record. A Qobuzissime collaboration.

And Bowie Saved Iggy...

A new XXL bundle documents the prolific meeting between The Stooges eccentric leader and the White Thin Duke.

Meryem Aboulouafa, between dream and reality

A sublime and Qobuzissime first album by the mesmerizing moroccan singer.

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