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It's a whole new Franz Ferdinand!

Franz Ferdinand may have evolved but they are "Always Ascending"...

Bluewave Get: Qobuzism for this aptX HD Bluetooth receiver with headphone amplifier!

If the aptX codec enabled the Bluetooth connection to reach a quality almost similar to the CD, its big brother the aptX HD allows for the encoding of Hi-Res files up to 24-Bit/48 kHz. It’s the aptX HD compatibility that is offered by the Bluewave Get Bluetooth receiver and the sound performances provided on the whole that have impressed us deeply and led us to bestow this device a Qobuzism.

Paolo Fresu, the gift that keeps on giving

Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet, consisting of four close friends, show off a profound serenity on this Album titled Carpe Diem...

Didier Lockwood, his final bow

It was no accident that he chose one of the rarer jazz instruments. And if he quickly made a name for himself, that wasn't down to the Lilliputian size of the community of "jazz" violinists, but rather to his impressive talent and the originality of his style. On the morning of 18 February, a heart attack put a stop to Didier Lockwood's fugue. The night before, he had played a concert at the Bal Blomet, in Paris's 15th arrondissement. The Calais native passed away at 62, three months after the release of his album Open Doors...

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