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Piano solo - Verschenen op 19 oktober 2018 | Aparté

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 2 februari 2018 | Aparté

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 4F de Télérama - Choc de Classica
Like Stein’s fortepianos, the copy of a Walter and sons (a Viennese fortepiano once owned by Mozart) played here by Maxim Emelyanychev is equipped with a knee lever, the ancestor of the damper pedal. No doubt Mozart was inspired by the timbres, the dynamic and harmonic possibilities of this new instrument: the Fantasia in C minor that starts off this album highlights this orchestral − almost operatic − range, and in its profusion of themes, it express the most prominent contrasts, reaching great expressive density. The same accents can be found in Piano Sonata No. 14 in C minor, K. 457, while the Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545 offers a dramatic respite. This “small sonata for beginners” was composed in 1788, preceding the “Jupiter” Symphony, also in C major: a beautiful gem, coming just before his monumental work. Its innocent melody revives childhood memories of the first piano lessons. Finally, the Piano Sonata No. 18 in D major, K. 576 was created as the first part in a cycle: “Six easy piano sonatas for Princess Friederike”. Composed in 1789, and in fact considered to be of great difficulty, it was Mozart’s last sonata. Anton Walter, the piano maker, started making a name for himself in Vienna in 1778. Like most inventors, he never stopped experimenting: while other workshops produced pianos at scale, Walter kept looking for “his ideal”; each instrument differed from the previous one in numerous details and ever-bolder additions. In total, he built around seven hundred instruments; here, Emelyanychev plays on a copy made by Paul McNulty, a great specialist of fortepianos and ancient pianos, with experience in manufacturing close to two hundred copies of instruments from Stein, Walter, Hofman, Graf and Pleyel. © SM/Qobuz
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 8 september 2017 | La Dolce Volta

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - 4 étoiles de Classica - 5 Sterne Fono Forum Klassik - 5 Sterne Fono Forum Jazz
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 30 september 2016 | Warner Classics

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - Choc de Classica - Choc Classica de l'année - Exceptional sound
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 6 oktober 2015 | Wigmore Hall Live

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Piano solo - Verschenen op 15 mei 2015 | Sony Classical

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Piano solo - Verschenen op 23 maart 2015 | La Dolce Volta

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - 4F de Télérama
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 13 januari 2014 | harmonia mundi

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Piano solo - Verschenen op 26 augustus 2011 | RCA Red Seal

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Piano solo - Verschenen op 1 januari 2007 | Naxos


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