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Founded in 1986 by Georg Ortmann, CPO (Classic Produktion Osnabrück) remains one of the most exciting operators in the field of conventional recording companies. Its main vocation is to bring unsung parts of the pre-twentieth century baroque repertoire to the attention of music lovers and audiophiles. CPO uncovers both forgotten and totally unknown composers in order to better understand the mode of creativity operating in an era, and this is often because less publicized composers are the greatest embodiment of an era’s dominant aesthetic. We must admire the tenacity with which the founder of the label has stuck to his sonic explorations, in spite of an increasingly complex and fragmented phonographic market. Among the label’s most significant achievements include showcasing the work of Hermann Max (Graum, Telemann) and David Porcelijn (with the extraordinary Janacek Philharmonic), whose Badings series betrays an exhilarating composer of great talent. This only the beginning; there are greater depths to discover… Each month, in fact, one can feast on the vibrant new ideas of CPO.


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