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Pop - Released October 4, 2019 | That Dog P&D


Rock - Released January 1, 1995 | Geffen

An appealing concept album about crushes and puppy love, Totally Crushed Out! is full of tight punk-pop and pretty ballads. Tracks like "Ms. Wrong," "Silently," and "One Summer Night" capture the giddiness of first love with their three-part harmonies and sweet melodies. Totally Crushed Out! is cute and clever without being too cutesy or precious, and almost as memorable as a first crush. ~ Heather Phares

Rock - Released July 12, 2019 | Geffen


Rock - Released January 1, 1994 | Geffen

" has guile and bite and a sense of itself, and doesn't seem, unlike records by other Hot New American Bands, hung up in the slightest about how a record by a Hot New American Band should sound, just how a record by That Dog should sound...."

Rock - Released January 1, 1997 | Geffen