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St. David

Oldschool 90's house grooves from South Italy.

St. David real name Davide Disanto is a 90’s powerhouse producer and DJ born in Bari, Italy. His house tracks are groovy and heavy with classic drums, featuring disco jazz sam- ples to provide his classic house signature. St. David cites the American house musical scene as one of his main inspirations. His listeners can hear its imprints on his work—disco jazz improvisational spirit and old school unpredictable rhythm light up St. David’s house tracks. In addition to DJ’ing and producing music, David is the Founder of Theory Of Swing Records. St. David’s notable works include “House Jam ” an EP released in 2017 on NYC label Let’s Play House Records. “Bumpin’ Heat” title track was promoted by Mixmag as “a jacking dancefloor stomp- er by the Italian Deep House master.”

In addition to LPH and David’s own labels, the producer has released across other taste-making imprints like Politics Of Dancing, Frole Records, Unknown Chicago and Quality Vibe. His 2016 debut EP, “Jack The Mack 3,” made a splash in the global community of house DJs—going sold out after 3 days from is release day. Just this summer, St. David has released two new EPs kicked off the season with his “Disco Jam” EP and “The Groove EP” on his own label going again sold out after few days. 2019 also saw his debut in New York, with shows in Brooklyn where the natives appreciates a lot his concept of dancefloor. ” The diversity of sound represented in these EPs alone speaks to his thrilling range as a DJ and producer of proper house music.

St. David is both an important player on the global stage of house music and a regular at Italy’s hottest venues. The Dave’s Label features vinyl-only produc- tions, articulating his loyalty to house music’s raw tradition and elemental hardwares. Clearly, big things are coming up for St. David and his label. His “Bang Traxx EP” is due for release on Theory Of Swing around February 2020. Certainly David will ride this momentum into the new year, further establishing himself as a leading innovator of house music as a producer and label-owner, making waves from the dance floor and to the hearth of the Club Culture addicted.

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