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Pop - Released May 31, 1980 | Some Bizzare

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Electronic/Dance - Released January 1, 2010 | Cleopatra Records

Pop - Released January 1, 2009 | Universal Music Group International

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Although they released three full albums, a number of EPs and a seemingly endless stream of compilations, Soft Cell will always and forever be known as "the duo who did 'Tainted Love'." This obscure R&B single, given a techno-trash workover by singer Marc Almond and keyboardist Dave Ball, was an enormous hit on both sides of the Atlantic and has been revived endlessly ever since its 1982 release. This 1994 EP, released to cash in on the song's newfound popularity due to its use in a television commercial, features one of the best of the many versions of the song, a lengthy medley which pairs Ed Cobb's tune with a languid version of Holland-Dozier-Holland's "Where Did Our Love Go." The EP also adds two later Soft Cell singles, "Loving You, Hating Me" and "Where the Heart Is," plus a negligible remix of the title track.