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Pop/Rock - Released June 24, 1997 | RCA Records Label

Robyn's debut album, Robyn Is Here, isn't particularly deep, but it is well-executed European dance-pop. The Swedish teenager has an appealingly thin voice, and her producers and songwriters have a knack for crafting hooky dance-pop that sounds as if it was made in 1990, not 1997. Half of the album rides by on mediocre songs and first-rate production, but when Robyn is given a good song -- as on "Show Me Love" and the dynamite "Do You Know (What It Takes)" -- Robyn Is Here is as good as mainstream dance-pop gets. © Stephen Thomas Erlewine /TiVo

Rock - Released January 1, 2006 | BOMAR RECORDS


Rock - Released March 27, 2017 | Cleopatra Records


Robyn in the magazine
  • Joyfully Depressed
    Joyfully Depressed In 1994, Swedish singer Robyn, a teenager at the time, shook up the world of pop with hit songs like Do You Really Want Me and Do You Know (What It Takes).