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The Bay Area's Monophonics contemporize the heavier and more psychedelic sounds of late-'60s and early-'70s soul while also drawing from other facets of that era's R&B and jazz. Active since the mid-2000s, they've issued albums ranging from Playin & Simple (2007) to It's Only Us (2020) and have supplemented those recordings with a larger crop of singles. Formed in San Francisco by members of three bands -- including the Monophonic Orchestra -- Monophonics took shape in 2005. Their original and subsequent lineups have included saxophonist Alex Baky, drummer Austin Bohlman, keyboardist Colin Brown, guitarist Ian McDonald, percussionist Kyle Middlebrooks, trumpeter Ryan Scott, and bassists Yuri Whitman and Myles O'Mahony. The most significant change to the membership was made with the addition of Kelly Finnigan, a singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and engineer who joined after the first two albums, 2007's Playin & Simple and 2010's Into the Infrasounds, and became the band's driving force. After establishing themselves with their first two albums, Monophonics signed to Ubiquity for 2012's In Your Brain. They then went independent with Sound of Sinning, issued in 2015 on Transistor Sound, named after their studio in the Bay. Following a handful of singles for Transistor Sound and Colemine, Monophonics recorded their fifth album, It's Only Us, and released it on the latter label in 2020.
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