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Kendra Morris

Kendra Morris specializes in vintage-sounding, funk-infused soul with a striking voice and a studied songwriting approach perfectly suited for the style. Although her earliest solo recordings date back to the late 2000s, she became better known early in the following decade with Banshee (2012) and Mockingbird (2013), her two albums for the label division of Wax Poetics magazine, and especially the track "Banshee" itself, heard in an episode of the television series Ray Donovan. Independent efforts such as the Babble EP (2016) and numerous singles, in addition to supporting roles on multiple Czarface projects, were followed by Morris' third LP, Nine Lives (2022), recorded with longtime musical partner Jeremy Page for the Karma Chief label. Her fourth full-length, 2023's I Am What I'm Waiting For, saw her working with producer Little Shalimar, best known for his work with Run the Jewels. The singer/songwriter has also worked with the likes of Dennis Coffey, Scarlett Johansson, and David Sitek. Morris' musical taste was shaped during childhood by her parents, whose record collection was heavy on late-'60s and early-'70s soul and funk. As a youngster, the St. Petersburg native also had access to a karaoke machine that served as her introduction to multi-track recording. While attending college at the University of South Florida, Morris became involved with Tampa's music scene, took up guitar and songwriting, and formed Pinktricity. The band moved to New York in 2003 and shortly thereafter split, but Morris put down roots in her new city. She began recording on her own, releasing a handful of EPs from 2007 through 2010, establishing a long-term creative bond with producer Jeremy Page, and touring with legendary guitarist Dennis Coffey. She made her Wax Poetics label debut in 2011 with "Concrete Waves," a single boasting a remix from DJ Premier. Over the next couple years, she released her first two albums: Banshee, a dozen originals written by Morris, and Mockingbird, a like-styled covers album with sources ranging from Pink Floyd and Soundgarden to Isaac Hayes and David Porter. The singer/songwriter later teamed with friends Julia Haltigan, Holly Miranda, and Scarlett Johansson for one-off recordings as the Singles ("Candy") and Sugar for Sugar (a cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle"). The former featured Este Haim on drums and was produced and released by David Sitek in 2015, while the latter appeared on The Time Is Now!, a 2016 benefit compilation for AIDS research foundation amfAR. Also in 2016, Morris returned as a solo artist with an independent EP entitled Babble. Still between full-lengths, she was featured on tracks by a handful of acts including Czarface, assisting the group's collaborations with MF Doom and Ghostface Killah, and even animated and directed their video for "Bomb Thrown." After a handful of additional self-issued singles and featured appearances, Morris joined the roster of Colemine Records offshoot Karma Chief. Singles for the label in 2021 led to the 2022 release of her third album, Nine Lives, made with Jeremy Page. Morris was eager to shake things up for her next project, so she began playing guitar again on-stage and in the studio, and approached Little Shalimar (who had worked extensively with Run the Jewels, as well as their individual members, Killer Mike and El-P) about producing her next album. He agreed, and 2023's I Am What I'm Waiting For (once again released by Karma Chief) appeared in August 2023. Following the album's release, Morris set out on an extensive tour of North America and Europe.
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