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Jesse Stamps

Jesse Stamps began his debut, during the Spring of 2020 with the album drop, Edge of Greatness, under his self-named label, Saint Louis and Broadway Music.
The name being derived from streets in his hometown. He was brought back to music after a friend shared their work in progress on a music app. Then he gravitated towards House, Danc as well as EDM anthems. He being “old skool,” helped inspire a family member into a new direction for a music career in the early nineties.
That led to their own Pop album. Moving forward, this brought Jesse full circle into his own music styles. This choice seemed possible, having been raised around music-oriented parents who liked the traditional Soul greats of the 60's and 70's.
Later he wrote the widely released track, “Make Me Believe” featuring UK artist Jodie Poye, and a studio rap ballad, “My Chris,” with Honey-B-Sweet from Australia. He also wrote lyrics for (artist) Nâvy, of Argentina, titled “Party In nyc”, and Latinx artist, Ornella Corvini also from Argentina. Each with their own large fanbase.
He now puts forward his insightful brand of music and hopes for continuing success.

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