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DJ Tennis

As DJ Tennis, Manfredi Romano produces and spins moody, atmospheric tracks which range from indie-friendly house to lush, finely detailed techno. A series of well-received singles on Kompakt and his own Life and Death led up to the release of his ambitious, double-CD DJ-Kicks in 2017. He has appeared at numerous festivals and continued to release singles and EPs such as 2022's Repeater. Romano initially started making punk and indie rock during the late '80s, as well as hosting a college radio show. Eventually he started organizing electronic and experimental music events, co-founding a booking agency called DAZE. He shifted his focus from promoting events to DJ'ing and producing in 2010, and co-founded the Life and Death label along with Greg Oreck. Romano's first release for the label was 2012's "Make It Good" single. Later that year, Kompakt released "The Outcast," Romano's collaboration with Pillowtalk. Double EP Local arrived on Life and Death in 2014. This was followed by Divisions Chirality in 2016, as well as collaborative singles with Martin Buttrich. In 2017, DJ Tennis mixed the first ever double-CD edition of the long-running DJ-Kicks series; the first disc focused on IDM and abstract techno, while the second was more dancefloor-friendly, though still atmospheric. The mix was followed by Certain Angles, a collaboration with Fink. Tennis appeared on Running Back with the Gordon Starck EP in 2019. Several singles appeared during the next decade, including 2020's "Intercooler" and 2021's "Atlanta." He collaborated with LP Giobbi and Joseph Ashworth for 2022's "All in a Dream," and released "On My Own Now" (with Ashee featuring Lady Donli). Repeater (backed with a DJ Seinfeld remix) appeared on Aus Music, and Tennis collaborated with Carlita and Alex Metric for the track "Cinecittà."
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