Techno - Released June 23, 2009 | Versatile Records

Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography
One of the more interesting, inventive releases among the new crop of Parisian house/techno talent, I:Cube's full-length debut for Versatile covers similar territory to other recent debuts from Motorbass and Daft Punk. I:Cube's ups the trance quotient, however, making for a driving brand of funky, soulful techno with both depth and velocity. Cleaner, tighter production also adds to the album's appeal. ~ Sean Cooper

Techno - Released June 6, 2006 | Institubes naïve

Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography

Techno - Released March 31, 1997 | F Communications

Distinctions Victoire de la musique - The Qobuz Ideal Discography
30 is a seemingly effortless blend of classic Chicago jacking house with minimalistic acid funk and the occasional detour into trip-hop and ambient house. Enhanced by Laurent Garnier's longtime DJ work, the superb mix and feel for what should come next inform production skills to an incredible degree. The single "Crispy Bacon" is one of the seminal moments in the history of acid, while "Sweet Mellow D" and the mid-tempo "For Max" provide other highlights. The superb jacking theme "The Hoe" and "Flashback" (dedicated to the recently deceased Armando) are two of the more overtly Chicago-inspired tracks, but 30 is a stunning album throughout. ~ John Bush


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