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Metallica - All Within My Hands (Live) [Radio Edit]

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All Within My Hands (Live) [Radio Edit]

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony

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All Within My Hands (Live) [Radio Edit]


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All Within My Hands (Live) (Radio Edit)

Bruce Roberts, Horn - Robert Trujillo, Bass - Daniel Hawkins, Horn - Joseph Brown, Trumpet - San Francisco Symphony, Orchestra, MainArtist - Bob Rock, Writer - Bob Ludwig, Masterer - Jim Monti, Engineer - Greg Fidelman, Producer, Mixer - Michael Kamen, Arranger - Chris Cooper, Horn - Dan Monti, Engineer - Jason Gossman, Engineer - Sara Lyn Killion, Engineer - James Hetfield, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Writer - Kirk Hammett, Guitar - Lars Ulrich, Producer, Drums, Writer - Bruce Coughlin, Arranger - Chris Gilbert, Contra Bass - Pamela Smith, Oboe - Billy Joe Bowers, Engineer - John Freeman, Trumpet - Metallica, Ensemble, MainArtist - Robert Ward, Horn - Linda Lukas, Flute - Jerome Simas, Clarinet - Matthew Young, Viola - Kirk Hammet, Writer - David Kim, Viola - Scott Pingel, Contra Bass - Christina King, Viola - Sarah Knutson, Violin - Kent Matcke, Engineer - Jonathan Ring, Horn - James Button, Oboe - Melissa Kleinbart, Violin - Amos Yang, Cello - Rob Weir, Bassoon - Polina Sedukh, Violin - Edwin Outwater, Conductor - Timothy Higgins, Trombone - Jeffrey Anderson, Tuba - Marc Shapiro, Keyboards - Douglas Rioth, Harp - Katie Kadarauch, Violin - Stephen Tramontozzi, Cello - Stephen Paulson, Bassoon - Jacob Nissly, Percussion - Charles Chandler, Contra Bass - Luis Baez, Clarinet - Sarn Oliver, Violin - David Chernyavsky, Violin - Nadya Tichman, Concertmaster - David Neuman, Clarinet - Aaron Schuman, Trumpet - Adam Smyla, Violin - Adelle-Akiko Kearns, Cello - Catherine Payne, Flute - Chen Zhao, Violin - Daniel G. Smith, Contra Bass - David Gaudry, Viola - Edward Stephan, Timpani - Gina Cooper, Viola - James Lee Wyatt III, Percussion - Jeff Budin, Trombone - Jeff Garza, Horn - Jeremy Constant, Violin - Jessie Fellows, Violin - Jill Rachuy Brindel, Cello - John Engelkes, Trombone - John Schoening, Viola - Joshua Paulus, Horn - Margaret Tait, Cello - Mariko Smiley, Violin - Miriam Perkoff, Cello - Nanci Severance, Viola - Naomi Kazama Hull, Violin - Nick Platoff, Trombone - Raushan Akhmedyarova, Violin - Richard Andaya, Cello - Robert Giambruno, Trumpet - Robert Klieger, Percussion - Robin McKee, Flute - Russ deLuna, Oboe - S. Mark Wright, Contra Bass - Shu-Yi Pai, Cello - Steven Braunstein, Bassoon - Tom Hemphill, Percussion - Victor Romasevich, Violin - William Ritchen, Contra Bass - Yukiko Kurakata, Violin - Yun Chu, Violin - Yun Jie Liu, Viola - Yuna Lee, Violin

© 2020 Blackened Recordings ℗ 2019 Blackened Recordings

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