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Created in 2001 by René Martin, the Mirare label draws a link between the classical stage and the recording industry. Initiator of renowned festivals (La Folle Journée de Nantes, Cadenet ...), René Martin wanted to keep a phonographic record of musical events that he organized: "Having founded Mirare is the only logical to complement all of these activities and festivals. Among the artists we strive to help you discover, you have those who have not yet had more than one label, and with whom we have long established a complicity"

His intuition proved correct. Despite the crisis of the disc, Mirare enjoy continued success in the hopes aroused by Martin: his twelve annual releases sell tens of thousands of copies each (on average). This of course due to the professionalism of René Martin, and that of such distinguished performers as Peter Hantaï, Brigitte Engere, Anne Queffélec or Boriz Berezovsky, all of whom signed with the Nantes label.


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