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Gojira: Fortitude

20 years after the completely unexpected surprise of Terra Incognita, Gojira’s Fortitude is in full flex, perfectly synthesising the past and looking ever higher and further into the future.

Planet Sarabski

Our new Qobuzissime from Azeri jazz pianist Isfar Sarabski is here and ready to stream or download on Qobuz in 24-Bit Hi-Res sound!

Plastic Ono Band: Lennon Laid Bare

In late 1970, when Plastic Ono Band released its first album, The Beatles were still not officially finished. And yet here is an impressive debut solo album, with John Lennon opening his heart, his soul and his mind – in short, this was Lennon laid bare; the complete Lennon, dreamy and lucid, calm and edgy.

Matthias Goerne & Seong-Jin Cho: Im Abendrot

Shrouded in an awkward acoustic which is hardly customary for Berlin's Teldex Studio, the latest recording by Matthias Goerne and Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho (First Prize in the 2015 Chopin Competition) is devoted to twilight Lieder by Wagner, Pfitzner and Richard Strauss. Stream or download in 24-Bit Hi-Res.

Qobuz Live with Phil Baker (Neil Young Archives)

Phil Baker discusses Neil Young on Qobuz Live !

Escape from Reality

The elegant cover of Tomorrowland with its black and white photography makes you wonder whether it is from 1961 or 2021. Kevin Mitchell aka Bob Evans seems to love the sixties, and the eleven songs that make up this sixth solo album do not attempt to hide his love for the past.

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