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Thanks to the hard work carried out in cooperation with recording studios as well as an increasing number of music labels (Plus Loin Music, Bee Jazz, Ambronay Editions, Zig Zag Territoires, ECM, Mirare, Aeolus, Ondine, Winter & Winter, Laborie, etc.), Qobuz now offers a rapidly-growing selection of new releases and back catalogue records in 24-bit HD quality. These albums reproduce exactly the sound from the studio recording, and offer a more comfortable listening experience that exceeds the sound quality of a CD (typically \"reduced\" for mastering at 44.1kHz/16-bit). \"Qobuz HD\" files are DRM-free and are 100% compatible with both Mac and PC. Moving away from the MP3-focused approach that has evolved over recent years at the expense of sound quality, Qobuz provides the sound calibre expected by all music lovers, allowing them to enjoy both the convenience and quality of online music.

Note 24-bit HD albums sold by Qobuz are created by our labels directly. They are not re-encoded using SACD and we guarantee their direct source. In order to continue on this path, we prohibit any tampering with the product.


Alternative & Indie - Released October 19, 2018 | Les Disques du Festival Permanent

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Alternative & Indie - Released October 6, 2017 | [PIAS] Le Label

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"For Lilies I just wanted to retreat to a cave with my Pro-Tools, my computer, and my cheap, 100Euro Shure SM-58 microphone. I could have gone to a big studio, made a big production – but I wanted none of that. I wanted to go back to the seed of creativity, the simplest materials. I was in this room where there was no light, no night or day at all, no heat. Very uncomfortable. But I felt free. I was happy to have this feeling – ‘I don’t need more, I have everything I need here.’” The spirit and the context in which Melanie De Biasio created Lilies are certainly in keeping with this unique artist's life and work... A singer-musician who is always ready to question and challenge herself anew and push the boundary markers which are so often set down between musical genres. Released in 2013, her album No Deal excelled as an atmospheric meeting of jazz, electro and rock. The Belgian who worships Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln took another departure from the beaten track with what is commonly called vocal jazz, and wandered towards soul, trip hop, blues: into the most impalpable of ethers. In these weightless sequences, Lilies is firmly stamped with the De Biasio hallmark. This is a way of doing away with labels and playing with light and dark, day and night. © MD/Qobuz

Pop - Released April 7, 2015 | Universal Music Classics

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Singer/songwriter Becca Stevens continues to hone her distinctive jazz-, folk-, and art pop-influenced sound on her third full-length effort, 2015's Perfect Animal. The album follows up her acclaimed 2011 release, Weightless, and features production from Scott Solter, who previously helmed projects by St. Vincent and Spoon. As with past Stevens albums, included on Perfect Animal are several surprising cover songs, including cuts by Frank Ocean, Usher, and Steve Winwood. However, while covers are certainly an integral part of Stevens' overall musical statement, Perfect Animal primarily showcases the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music graduate's maturation into a truly sophisticated, inventive songwriter and performer. © Matt Collar /TiVo

Alternative & Indie - Released November 18, 2013 | Keziah Jones Ltd

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3 stars out of 5 -- "The opening salvo gives way to some soulful ballads." © TiVo

Pop - Released January 1, 2013 | Blue Note (BLU)

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