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Songlines - March 2019

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Playlist: Songlines - March 2019

by Qobuz UK

  • 22 tracks - 01h46m

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A selection of tracks from some of the top-rated albums in March 2019's edition of Songlines magazine, featuring music from Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle-East... With Baloji, Damily, Ali Hassan Kuban, Gilberto Gil, Lau, Lionel Loueke...Photo: Lionel Loueke © Jean-Baptiste Millot

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Songlines - March 2019

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Title Artist Album Duration
Bipolaire - Les Noirs
Baloji 137 Avenue Kaniama 00:04:45

Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Baloji, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Artist, MainArtist - Alain “Lunaman” Croisy, Mixer

2018 Bella Union 2018 Bella Union

Malay Nama
Damily Valimbilo 00:08:55

Damily, Composer, MainArtist - Christine Halane, Lyricist

Bongo Joe Bongo Joe

Sukkar, Sukkar, Sukkar
Ali Hassan Kuban From Nubia to Cairo 00:06:42

Ali Hassan Kuban, Composer, MainArtist - Aly Abdel Khalek, Lyricist - Piranha Publishing;Martin Riedel Musikverlag, MusicPublisher

2018 Piranha Records 2018 Piranha Records

Gilberto Gil OK OK OK 00:04:51

Gilberto Gil, MainArtist

2018 Gege Produções Artísticas 2018 Gege Produções Artísticas

Quinteto Astor Piazzolla Revolucionario 00:04:49

German Martinez, FeaturedArtist - Astor Piazzolla, Composer - Cristian Zarate, FeaturedArtist - Sergio Rivas, FeaturedArtist - Sebastián Prusak, FeaturedArtist - Lautaro Greco, FeaturedArtist - Quinteto Astor Piazzolla, Ensemble, MainArtist


Elle Tempête
Vishten Horizons 00:03:17

Pastelle Leblanc, Composer - Pascal Miousse, Composer - Vishten, MainArtist - Emmanuelle LeBlanc, Composer - Trad / DP, Composer

2018 Les Éditions du Corfus 2018 Les Productions Takashoun Inc.

Curenta di viù
Balarù Gravure 00:03:35

Traditional, Composer - Balarù, Artist, MainArtist

Felmay Felmay

BandAdriatica Odissea 00:03:54

BandAdriatica, Artist, MainArtist - Claudio Prima, Author - Emanuele Coluccia, Composer

Finisterre Di Treglia Erasmo Finisterre Di Treglia Erasmo

Cimbalom Brothers Testvériség 00:03:33

Mircea Ardeleanu, Composer - Unger Balázs, Arranger - Unger Gergő, Arranger - Cimbalom Brothers, MainArtist - Lisztes Jenő, Arranger - Lisztes László, Arranger

2018 Fonó Budai Zeneház 2018 Fonó Budai Zeneház

I Don't Want to Die Here
Lau Midnight and Closedown 00:04:57

Martin Green, Composer, Lyricist - Lau, MainArtist - Kris Drever, Composer, Lyricist - Aidan O'Rourke, Composer, Lyricist

2019 Reveal Records 2019 Reveal Records

Rock the Machine
Lisa O'Neill Heard A Long Gone Song 00:05:16

Traditional, ComposerLyricist - David Odlum, Producer, Mixer, Engineer - Lisa O'Neill, Producer, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Christophe Capewell, AssociatedPerformer

2018 River Lea Recordings 2018 River Lea Recordings

Napom, Napom! (Felsősófalvi Táncdallamok)
Nyitrai Marianna A Föld Hátán, S Az Ég Alatt 00:05:45

Traditional, Composer, Lyricist - Üsztürü zenekar, MainArtist - Juhász Zoltán, MainArtist - Nyitrai Marianna, MainArtist

2018 Fonó Budai Zeneház 2018 Fonó Budai Zeneház

Tautumeitas Tautumeitas 00:03:21

trad, Author - Tautumeitas, Artist, MainArtist - Lauma Bērza, Composer

2018 CPL-Music 2018 CPL-Music

Wedding Whirl
Warsaw Village Band Mazovian Roots 00:06:09

Trad., Lyricist - Warsaw Village Band, MainArtist - Maciej Szajkowski, Composer - jaro Medien, MusicPublisher - Sylwia ?wi?tkowska, Composer - Magdalena Sobczak-Kotnarowska, Composer - Ewa Wa?ecka, Composer - Piotr Gli?ski, Composer - Pawe? Mazurczak, Composer - Maria Bienias, Composer

2018 JARO Medien 2018 JARO Medien

Gour Lilar Bajare: Gour lilar bajare
Deben Bhattacharya Waves of Joy: Bauls of Bengal 00:04:00

Deben Bhattacharya, Ensemble, MainArtist

(C) 2018 ARC (P) 2018 ARC

Au son des tambours
Wassim Halal Le cri du cyclope 00:03:36

Wassim Halal, Composer, Artist, MainArtist

Buda Musique Wassim Halal

Vardan Hovanissian Karin 00:07:11

Emre Gültekin, Composer, MainArtist - Vardan Hovanissian, Composer, MainArtist

2018 Muziekpublique 2018 Muziekpublique

Brother Wind
Phillip Henry True North 00:05:29

Tim O'Brien, Composer, Author - Phillip Henry, Artist, MainArtist - Edgelarks Publishing, OriginalPublisher

2018 Phillip Henry 2018 Phillip Henry

Noces bretonnes (feat. Dónal Lunny, Sylvain Barou, Sylvaine Guichen)
Fred Guichen Dor an enez 00:04:41

Donal Lunny, FeaturedArtist - Sylvain Barou, FeaturedArtist - Fred Guichen, Composer, Artist, MainArtist - Sylvaine Guichen, FeaturedArtist

Paker Prod Paker Prod

Lionel Loueke The Journey 00:03:54

John Ellis, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Lionel Loueke, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Cyro Baptista, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Copyright Contol, MusicPublisher

Little Tribeca Little Tribeca

Bint El Moshab
Dudu Tassa El Hajar 00:04:39

Dudu Tassa, Producer, MainArtist - The Kuwaitis, MainArtist - Nir Maimon, Producer

(C) 2018 Nur Publishing (P) 2018 Nur Publishing

La brune et les trois brigands
Sophie & Fiachra, André Marchand Portraits 00:03:25

About Playlist

A selection of tracks from some of the top-rated albums in March 2019's edition of Songlines magazine, featuring music from Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle-East... With Baloji, Damily, Ali Hassan Kuban, Gilberto Gil, Lau, Lionel Loueke...

Photo: Lionel Loueke © Jean-Baptiste Millot

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