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Electro - Released May 11, 2015 | Walk Don't Walk Limited

The disco/house-infused band formerly known as Crazy Penis have had a long recording career, albeit one that hasn't exactly pushed them to experiment or explore their sound too deeply. To focus on the lack of musical boundaries they've crossed is, however, to miss the point. They are a musical act who know what they want, and consistently deliver their vision. Their sound has remained an accessible blend of groovy bass, 4/4 rhythms, and swirling melodies that practically beg for the remix treatment they often receive. So, by their seventh album it should come as no surprise that the music itself is almost indiscernible from their previous album, 2011's When We On. The trick is to compare Walk Dance Talk Sing to their earlier output, and although it follows the same formula, there's an unmistakable difference, at first seemingly unfathomable, but it's the sound of a band who have meticulously refined their approach over two decades; both in their songwriting and studio processes -- they sound honed. All of this goes a long way to explain Crazy P's leading position in the U.K.'s 2010s disco resurgence alongside the likes of Bicep, Horse Meat Disco, and even Floating Points when he's behind the decks. Having based their entire career around danceable hooks has obviously taught them a thing or two, as album-opener "Like a Fool" demonstrates. The song appears to be constructed entirely of hooks, which begin to build until they eventually end up immersing you completely. The tracks that follow utilize more of a straightforward pop structure, complete with verse/chorus/verse; where their previous releases tended to eschew this approach, here Crazy P embraces it, nowhere more exemplified than on "Cruel Mistress." Although one of the few tracks that would feel out of place in a DJ set, it's also one of their finest pop songs to date. The album continues to alternate between hypnotic grooves and vocal-driven songs before hitting something of an anomaly. "The Way" stands out for being one of the only Crazy P tracks to feature little to no percussion, a concept that essentially isn't needed on a Crazy P album. In fairness, it is the shortest song here, and precedes two of the most out-and-out disco tracks, capped by the dizzying eight-minute closer "Witch Doctor," which serves to remind the listener that, at heart, Crazy P can still pull off sprawling disco grooves. Some may create music to challenge the listener or encourage innovation, which is definitely something to commend in an artist, but when an act can stand up and do an impression of themselves that's so good it trumps the original source, then it's hard not to be equally as impressed. If anything, Walk Dance Talk Sing demonstrates that Crazy P has been taking everything on board over the course of their career, and will continue to build upon the "dance music with a soul" underground empire they rightly own. ~ Liam Martin

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