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Arditti String Quartet - Dai Fujikura : Flare

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Dai Fujikura : Flare

Vox Humana - Arditti String Quartet

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Dai Fujikura : Flare

Arditti String Quartet

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'Flare' (Live Recording) (Dai Fujikura)

"Flare" (Live Recording)

Arditti String Quartet, Ensemble - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

But, I fly (Live Recording) (Dai Fujikura)

But, I fly (Live Recording)

Vox Humana, Choir - Dai Fujikura, Composer - Harry Ross, Lyricist

2013 Minabel

SAKANA (version for tenor saxophone) (Dai Fujikura)

SAKANA (version for tenor saxophone)

Masanori Oishi, Performer - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

Dolphins (version for 2 cellos) (Live Recording) (Dai Fujikura)

Dolphins (version for 2 cellos) (Live Recording)

Mari Endo, Performer - Kenji Nakagi, Performer - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

Halcyon (Dai Fujikura)


Goldfield Ensemble, Ensemble - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

Flux (Live Recording) (Dai Fujikura)

Flux (Live Recording)

Johanna Persson, Performer - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

Scion Stems (Live Recording) (Dai Fujikura)

Scion Stems (Live Recording)

Trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen, Ensemble - Dai Fujikura, Composer

2013 Minabel

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