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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 29 november 2018 | Mute

Seven months after releasing the outstanding The Straight Hits!, Josh T. Pearson released this 26-minute EP recorded on May 21st for BBC 6. Joined by drummer Andy Young, bassist Aaron McClellan and Andy Melvin on piano and trumpet, the rock’n’roll animal covers Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell and Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ, excerpts from his album Last of the Country Gentleman, as well as Loved Straight To Hell and Straight At Me from the album The Straight Hits!. The possessed Texan performs his rock without the niceties like a real die-hard punk in an atmosphere that is shamanic and lively despite being a live recording. It’s as if Pearson drank a cocktail of blues, rockabilly, psychedelic, country and many other genres, digested it perfectly and this performance was him vomiting it all out. Four versions of the album were released, all aimed at his hard-core fans. © Marc Zisman/Qobuz
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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 21 augustus 2018 | Mute