Patsy Cline The Wayward Wind (24 Wonderfull Hits and Songs)

The Wayward Wind (24 Wonderfull Hits and Songs)

Patsy Cline

Verschenen op 4 april 2016 bij Bamboodi

Hoofdartiest: Patsy Cline

Genre: Blues/country/folk > Country

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Album : 1 album - 24 tracks Totale duur : 01:01:22

  1. 1 The Wayward Wind

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Lebowsky, Composer - Newman, Composer - Lobowsky, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  2. 2 I Fall to Pieces

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Cochran, Composer, Writer - Howard, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  3. 3 Foolin' 'Round

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Howard, Composer, Writer - Owens, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  4. 4 South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Carr, Composer, Writer - Kennedy, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  5. 5 I Love You so Much It Hurts

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Tillman, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  6. 6 Crazy

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Nelson, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  7. 7 Seven Lonely Days

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Shuman, Composer, Writer - Brown, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  8. 8 Walkin' After Midnight

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Hecht, Composer, Writer - Block, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  9. 9 San Antonio Rose

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Wills, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  10. 10 True Love

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Porter, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  11. 11 A Poor Man's Roses (Or a Rich Man's Gold)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Hillard, Composer, Writer - Delugg, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  12. 12 She's Got You

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Cochran, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  13. 13 Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - DeRose, Composer - Brown, Composer - Hill, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  14. 14 That's My Desire

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Kresa, Composer - Loveday, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  15. 15 Heartaches

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Hoffman, Composer, Writer - Klenner, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  16. 16 Anytime

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Lawson, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  17. 17 You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Monaco, Composer, Writer - Mccarthy, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  18. 18 Your Cheatin' Heart

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Willams, Composer - Williams, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  19. 19 You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling in Love)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Fotine, Composer - Faber, Composer, Writer - Meadows, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  20. 20 Lonely Street

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Belew, Composer - Stevenson, Composer, Writer - Sowder, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  21. 21 Strange

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Tills, Composer, Writer - Burch, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  22. 22 Half as Much

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Williams, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  23. 23 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)

    Patsy Cline, Performer - Williams, Composer, Writer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

  24. 24 You Belong to Me

    Patsy Cline, Performer - King, Composer, Writer - Stewart, Composer - Price, Composer Auteursrecht : Bamboodi

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