Bruce Brubaker Glass Piano Versions

Glass Piano Versions

Bruce Brubaker

Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz

Inbegrepen: 1 Booklet

Verschenen op 9 oktober 2015 bij InFiné

Hoofdartiest: Bruce Brubaker

Genre: Electro > Ambient

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Album : 1 album - 6 tracks Totale duur : 00:39:56

  1. 1 Mad Rush (Julian Earle Remix)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

  2. 2 Metamorphosis 1 (Akufen Reinterpretation)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

  3. 3 Metamorphosis 3 (John Beltran’s Tangerine Sunset Mix)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

  4. 4 Metamorphosis 4 (Biblo Remix)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

  5. 5 Knee for Thought (Francesco Tristano Vision)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

  6. 6 Metamorphosis 5 (Plaid Remix)

    Bruce Brubaker, Performer - Philip Glass, Composer Auteursrecht : 2015 InFiné

Meer informatie

Fans of electro are extremely familiar with the concept of a remix, but the art has also existed for a long time in classical and contemporary music. New York pianist Bruce Brubaker has dedicated his career to the exploration of this concept. Released in May 2015, Glass Piano is the first collaboration between Brubaker and the InFiné label, which brought beautiful reinterpretations of pieces by Philip Glass to the solo piano. From these titles, the label decided to continue the process initiated by Brubaker by inviting artists from different generations and genres to revisit pieces from Glass Piano. The EP starts with a recent signing of the label’s, Julien Earle. The American producer is only 17 years old, and crafts a remix of Mad Rush that is full of emotion; it is a house-y tune reminiscent of one Nicolas Jaar. For his part, another producer, Akufen, opts for a cozier atmosphere that blends jazz with an exactitude that heads towards Tangerine Sunset Mix by John Beltran, borrowing riffs and air guitars. By contrast, Biblo takes the listener to a darker atmosphere with his interpretation, which blends techno and ambient vocals, sounding soft and tortured. What follows is a remix done by the classical pianist and electro-dabbler Francesco Tristano Schlimé, who maintains a special relationship with the label and with Brubaker. Tristano was, indeed, a student of Bruce Brubaker’s at the Julliard School in New York. He was also the first artist to be signed to InFiné – his album Not For Piano was released on the label in 2007. Finally, Plaid, the legendary London duo on Warp, brand Metamorphosis 5 with their electronic stamp, involving more than just a touch of hip-hop…

Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz


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