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Branford Marsalis - Gabriel Prokofiev: Saxophone Concerto, Bass Drum Concerto

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Gabriel Prokofiev: Saxophone Concerto, Bass Drum Concerto

Branford Marsalis, Joby Burgess & Alexey Bogorad

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Gabriel Prokofiev: Saxophone Concerto, Bass Drum Concerto

Branford Marsalis

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Saxophone Concerto: I. Andante Deciso – Molto Pesante 00:10:41
Saxophone Concerto: II. Scherzo – Con moto 00:06:58
Saxophone Concerto: III. Largo mesto 00:06:50
Saxophone Concerto: IV. Allegro Mechanico 00:08:00
Bass Drum Concerto: I. Lento Scuro (Bass War) 00:07:17
Bass Drum Concerto: II. Largo Mesto (In the Steppes) 00:06:28
Bass Drum Concerto: III. Allegro Moderato Leggiero (Four to the Floor) 00:04:17
Bass Drum Concerto: IV. Allegro Brilliante (May Speed) 00:03:58

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By Branford Marsalis
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