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Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 Analogue: select your source and control the volume of your active speakers from the tip of your fingers!

With the Pre Box DS2 Analogue, Pro-Ject brings the preamplifier out of the high end Hi-Fi section and offers a device full of seriousness, sobriety and discretion which will mostly be used to select a source and control its volume before entrusting the sound to an amplifying system.

Chromecast Audio for (almost) dummies! Update from May 12th, 2017

Even if the Qobuz app is indeed compatible with Google Cast, and thus with products like the Chromecast or the Chromecast Audio, information about the way to use them with Qobuz seem to be lacking. Therefore we created this little tutorial.

FiiO K1: A Qobuzism for this little fantastic sounding portable DAC with a headphone amplifier!

Let’s talk about another cheap little DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) which uses stripped-down high-quality electronics, but offers great sound reproduction—almost identical to the recorded signal according to us—thanks to digital-friendly native playback. Let’s talk about the FiiO K1.

Will my Internet bandwidth be sufficient to completely enjoy the quality of a Qobuz Sublime+ subscription?

Streaming and listening to Qobuz files in Hi-Res thanks to the Sublime+ subscription requires an Internet connection with a bandwidth able to deliver a sufficient bitrate. Following are a few explanations.

Audiophonics U-Sabre Desktop K2M: a desktop DAC with pleasuring sound on headphones or speakers!

The digital-to-analog converter, one of the flagships devices—and the most prolific by far— to play digital music, can be found in many variations. With its U-Sabre Desktop K2M model, Audiophonics offers a DAC which will naturally fit on a desktop, connected to a computer, and can be listened to directly on headphones or through a speaker system.

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OK Computer, 20 years on

Radiohead’s 1997 masterpiece is now reissued in Hi-Res 24Bit remastered version, with bonus tracks and previously unreleased songs.


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Ron Gallo at a gallop

Made in a garage, invigorating and enjoyable, a first album "made in Nashville."


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Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale, Live in San Diego (2007)

The man they call God and his musical idol took the stage together in California back in 2007 before the tragic loss of the Cale in 2013.