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Pop - Released March 31, 2015 | Universal Music International Ltda.

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World - Released January 6, 2020 | Night Dreamer

Seu Jorge is well known for his covers of David Bowie songs for the now-cult Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but we are less familiar with Rogê, another Carioca singer, the artist behind seven albums and an expert in samba-funk. Friends for 25 years, the two had never recorded anything together until August 2019 when they made this album in a Dutch studio, with rather unique conditions: recorded in two days with one live take, it was recorded directly on vinyl, without any post-production. This is the concept and mission statement of the London/Haarlem label Night Dreamer and all their direct-to-disc recordings. And when the skill is mastered, it’s marvellous. It’s as if Seu Jorge and Rogê were playing these seven tracks one summer’s evening, on an oceanside veranda. The mood is relaxed, the guitars play softly alongside some light percussion, and the two voices (one very deep and one slightly higher) interlock with perfect harmony, producing a feeling of simplicity and intimacy that is rarely heard on recordings. This is music to celebrate friendship, made more brilliant by the lack of production and commercial intentions. Seu Jorge and Rogê play as the artisan creators of samba-bossa would have done over 60 years ago, before this music became a worldwide phenomenon and in some places, slightly cliché. Touched by the beauty of the moment, this album is a wonderful massage for the eardrums and a sure classic of Brazilian music. © Stéphane Deschamps/Qobuz

Film Soundtracks - Released January 1, 2005 | Hollywood Records

Raised in the slums of Rio, Brazil, singer/songwriter Seu Jorge used his formidable talent and undeniable charm to great effect in director Wes Anderson's seafaring comedy the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as a guitar strumming deckhand. The catch was that Pelé dos Santos only knew how to play Portuguese versions of David Bowie tunes, all 13 of which are featured on Hollywood's Life Aquatic Studio Sessions. Jorge possesses a voice that exudes the same regional comfort as fellow countrymen Milton Nascimento and Caetano Veloso, and his warm and loose guitar playing matches his timbre, resulting in a batch of covers that retain the original framing of the Bowie classics, while injecting a sunny island sweetness into their very core. While the very idea reeks of kitsch, the end product is surprisingly poignant and agreeable. Even the Thin White Duke himself seems taken with the idea, as he states in Aquatic's liner notes that "Had Seu Jorge not recorded my songs acoustically in Portuguese I would never had heard this new level of beauty which he has imbued them with." © James Christopher Monger /TiVo

Bossa Nova & Brazil - Released January 30, 2014 | Mr Bongo


World - Released January 1, 2002 | Mr Bongo

After making his recording debut on Farofa Carioca's Moro No Brasil (1997), Seu Jorge left the band and embarked on a solo recording career that commenced with Samba Esporte Fino (2001), his full-length album debut (released internationally in 2002 as Carolina). The best of both worlds, the album's style of samba-funk is thoroughly modern, particularly in terms of its vibrant production, yet still harks back to classic Brazilian samba-funk albums of the 1970s such as Jorge Ben's África Brasil (1976) and Gilberto Gil's Refazenda (1975). The standout opening song, "Carolina," gets the album off to an absolutely rousing start, and the next two songs, "Chega No Suingue" and "Mangueira," are similarly stirring. These first three songs alone make Samba Esporte Fino a compelling debut album: each written by Jorge, they showcase not only his exceptional songwriting skills but also his expressive singing voice and his lively backing band (guitar, bass, drums, percussion, horns, background vocalists). Following the opening run of self-penned songs, Jorge works in a variety of covers, including "Em Nagoya Eu Vi Eriko," a song written by Jorge Ben specifically for inclusion here. Amid these covers, Jorge slots a late-album pair of his own songs, most notably "Funk Baby," a soul-funk gem with a fat bassline and soaring string arrangement. There is a wealth of such highlights on Samba Esporte Fino, an almost entirely upbeat and danceable album that is nonetheless varied in style from one song to the next, musically as well as lyrically. Another plus for the album worth mentioning is the production of Ben in collaboration with Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato. As aforementioned, it sounds 21st century, particularly the rich basslines and the crisp percussion, yet is still earthy enough to hark back to samba-funk of the 1970s. © Jason Birchmeier /TiVo

World - Released February 12, 2012 | Wrasse Records


World - Released January 1, 2006 | Eagle Rock

Brazilian singer/songwriter Seu Jorge might be remembered by most Americans as the Bowie-loving sailor in the film THE LIFE AQUATIC, but his off-screen career is far more extensive. With a sound encompassing MPB, samba, bossa nova, funk, and rock, he's forged a style full of forward-moving rhythmic syncopation and elegant, graceful melodic turns. In a live set dominated by his then-new studio album CRU, Jorge croons with a honeyed panache or emotes with infectious energy, as the song demands, making it plain why he's become one of Brazil's most popular musical exports. © TiVo

Pop - Released March 16, 2018 | Sony Music Entertainment


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