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Jazz - Released March 20, 2012 | Jazz Village

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R&B - Released September 15, 2017 | Jazz Village

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The spirit was jazz, the energy rather rock, the feeling slightly pop and the groove definitely unstoppable. In 2012 with Nothing For Granted, Sandra Nkaké offered a mix that could have seemed forced or unnatural, but never was. It was a disc carried by the freedom of a voice that reached every corner of aptly worked soul melodies, and above all highlighted her powerful voice, in the words that she unleashed, in the smooth arches that she presented… Five years later, she’s changed her tune. With Tangerine Moon Wishes, the Cameroon-born artist (who grew up in Paris and Yaoundé) sings of her uprooting as a black woman who hopes for individual and collective peace. We hear in her writing and her choice of words a perfect balance between artsy songs and the vocal energy for which she’s known, from the intimate to the universal. Sandra Nkaké seems to have found here a new path in an untouched musical territory, which belongs only to her. It’s a true shamanic and introspective voyage that resembles no other. © CM/Qobuz


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