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Alternatif et Indé - Released July 12, 2019 | Drag City

Ten years after the end of The Silver Jews, David Berman appeared back on the scene with Purple Mountains, much to the surprise of most. It must have come as a shock to fans of the cult songwriter, who would have an even bigger shock in store a month after the release of the eponymous album when the musician committed suicide. Cut off from the world of music, he who had opted for a decade of silence suddenly produced ten masterpieces, narrating his long retirement as well as the death of his mother, his complicated relationship with his wife and of course his chronic depression. A heavy programme which nonetheless doesn’t stop this album of flamboyant folk and silky country from shining and following in the footsteps of Townes Van Zandt, another great country star who wallowed in despair and loneliness. The production by members of the band Woods also helps to embellish every song: vibraphone, Mellotron, Hammond organ, pedal steel guitar, trumpets and bass accompany this poetic journey through depression and melancholy which also doesn’t shy away from humour on occasion. © Marc Zisman/Qobuz

Rock - Released May 17, 2019 | Drag City


Rock - Released June 11, 2019 | Drag City


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released February 19, 2020 | Purple Mountains


Rock - Released June 28, 2019 | Drag City


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released February 17, 2020 | Purple Mountains


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Rap/Hip-Hop - Released March 31, 2020 | Purple Mountains



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  • David Berman's troubled mind
    David Berman's troubled mind With his new project Purple Mountains and their eponymous album, the American singer/songwriter delivered a beautiful piece of art, made all the more poignant by his sudden death shortly afterwards.