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Rap/Hip-Hop - Released October 6, 2017 | NF Real Music

Just a year after the release of his sophomore LP, Michigan rapper NF issued Perception, his third album in as many years. The chart-topping effort was more of the same for the artist: raw and dark, balancing intense bloodletting with the occasional radio-friendly banger. With production and delivery that still sounded quite similar to Eminem at his most serious, Perception didn't do much to distance NF from comparisons to his predecessor. It's no secret that Eminem was a major influence: as NF unloads on "Know," "I've been doing this since I was just a kid and mama bought me 8 Mile at the movie store." However, unlike his fellow Michigander, NF continued to deliver breathless and complex rhymes without curses, profanity, or cartoonish exaggeration. Personal turmoil and trauma continued to fuel his rhymes, with "Intro III," "Outcast," and "Destiny" offering some of most aggressive attacks. Even sonically propulsive tracks like "Let You Down," "One Hundred," and "10 Feet Down" -- while thrilling and mainstream-ready -- played on introspection and existential musings upon closer examination of his lyrics. For listeners initially attracted to the Christian angle of the rapper's earliest releases, Perception took further steps away from that niche, opting for themes that were more universal. As he reminded fans on "Remember This," "People change/Even Satan used to be an angel." Perception is a heavy and serious listen, but fortunately it's never dull, mostly due to the density of NF's continually engrossing lyrics. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released July 26, 2019 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released April 22, 2016 | Capitol CMG Label Group

Born Nathan Feuerstein, Christian rapper NF gets personal with this sophomore release, using the Therapy Session title as his guide and creating a concept album that's chock-full of raw emotions and honesty. Fans of his debut effort, Mansion, will find that this one gets even darker, but the rewards are numerous, with big theatrical production supporting all the heavy lyrics. "Breathe," "Real," and "Oh Lord" make for a good run of highlights in the middle of the album, but also check "Lost in the Moment" for a guest shot from Jonathan Thulin, plus "Grindin'," which features Social Club Misfits member Marty. ~ David Jeffries

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released March 31, 2015 | Capitol CMG Label Group

Coming on strong with the speed of Eminem and the honest attitude of Lecrae, NF gets dark and introspective on his debut album, but there's plenty of hope and honor here as well. The title track goes room by room through the mansion of struggles NF encountered before he got on the right path, while later there's "I'll Keep On," an uplifting anthem that stays true to its title. Wordplay whips by as the man can put a joke, a shout-out, and a Bible verse all in the same line, and while his delivery is more spoken than "musical," it fits right in with his unwavering quest for truth. Guests like Britt Nicole and Jeremiah of the Neverclaim help the rapper deliver the goods on this awesome debut. ~ David Jeffries

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released October 7, 2016 | Capitol CMG Label Group


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released June 27, 2019 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released June 18, 2018 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released August 5, 2014 | Capitol CMG Label Group


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released January 19, 2018 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released May 30, 2019 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released July 12, 2019 | NF Real Music


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released June 7, 2019 | NF Real Music

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released September 15, 2017 | NF Real Music

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