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Alternative & Indie - Released October 6, 2017 | [PIAS] Le Label

Hi-Res Booklet Distinctions 4F de Télérama - Indispensable JAZZ NEWS
"For Lilies I just wanted to retreat to a cave with my Pro-Tools, my computer, and my cheap, 100Euro Shure SM-58 microphone. I could have gone to a big studio, made a big production – but I wanted none of that. I wanted to go back to the seed of creativity, the simplest materials. I was in this room where there was no light, no night or day at all, no heat. Very uncomfortable. But I felt free. I was happy to have this feeling – ‘I don’t need more, I have everything I need here.’” The spirit and the context in which Melanie De Biasio created Lilies are certainly in keeping with this unique artist's life and work... A singer-musician who is always ready to question and challenge herself anew and push the boundary markers which are so often set down between musical genres. Released in 2013, her album No Deal excelled as an atmospheric meeting of jazz, electro and rock. The Belgian who worships Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln took another departure from the beaten track with what is commonly called vocal jazz, and wandered towards soul, trip hop, blues: into the most impalpable of ethers. In these weightless sequences, Lilies is firmly stamped with the De Biasio hallmark. This is a way of doing away with labels and playing with light and dark, day and night. © MD/Qobuz

Vocal Jazz - Released September 20, 2012 | Igloo

Distinctions 4 étoiles Jazzman

Alternative & Indie - Released June 20, 2017 | [PIAS] Le Label


Alternative & Indie - Released August 23, 2017 | [PIAS] Le Label


Electronic/Dance - Released December 8, 2017 | [PIAS] Le Label