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World - Released January 1, 2006 | Fonovisa, Inc.

There is no law stating that the duranguense style of regional Mexican music has to be fast and exuberant 100-percent of the time. A duranguense performance can also be reflective; it can be anything from melancholy to smoothly romantic. But exuberance isn't hard to find in duranguense, and it is certainly offered in abundance on Lalo Rodarte's third Fonovisa album, Cada Vez Que Te Vas. Because this 2006 release is full of fast, highly energetic selections, it can easily function as a party album most of the time; exuberance is definitely a main ingredient on lively high-speed selections like "Cangrejito Playero," "Chiquilla Cariñosa," "A Quien No Le Gusta Eso" and "El Muñeco." Those spirited tracks are overflowing with energy; and in terms of energy, Rodarte's duranguense could rival some of the merengue that has come out of the Dominican Republic or some of the soukous that has been performed in the Congo and elsewhere in Africa. But Rodarte also has his reflective moments, and he slows things down on "Y Me Dijo Eres Tú." Rodarte's smoother side also prevails on the doo wop-flavored "Un Sueño," which isn't slow (the use of a polka beat gives it a rhythmic bounce) but has the sort of polished romanticism one expects from El Cugar (a talented, Chicago-based duranguense singer who is known for, among other things, his interesting arrangement of Juan Gabriel's "Yo Te Recuerdo"). Cada Vez Que Te Vas has so many fast-tempo items that it is more likely to be remembered for its high energy than for its more contemplative moments, but Rodarte is not one-dimensional -- and this 27-minute CD is a likable and worthwhile, if brief, demonstration of his skills as a duranguense vocalist. ~ Alex Henderson

World - Released January 1, 2004 | Fonovisa, Inc.