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World - Released July 31, 2020 | ZZK Records

While Colombian Cumbia has been earning its electro stripes on the dancefloors of the world's major capitals since the late 2000s, the Afro-Caribbean genre remains less well known in the northern hemisphere. Hoping to change this are Ghetto Kumbé, founded in 2013 with a desire to unite ancestral rhythms with politically engaged lyrics on top of house beats. With the help of London production duo The Busy Twist, the Colombian trio have successfully delivered an extremely powerful album which comes after a pair of remarkable EPs. The tempo rarely falters and your attention will never waver thanks to the fascinating rhythms, skilful loops and guest vocalists, all of whom enrich the album well. The Reunionese Mélanie Bourire brings a melodious contrast to the tribal voices of Djabe and on Lengua Ri Suto, the closing track, the group Palenque Kombilesa Mi join the Bogota trio with their powerful flow. A beautiful lesson in afro-latino futurism! © Benjamin MiNiMum/Qobuz

World - Released March 13, 2020 | ZZK Records


Electronic/Dance - Released September 26, 2016 | ZZK Records


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World - Released June 5, 2020 | ZZK Records


World - Released July 3, 2020 | ZZK Records