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Pop/Rock - Released February 1, 2003 | Talitres Records

Televise is Calla's third album of strange, noise-infected indie pop. Static-filled drones hover and pulse and function in the way a rhythm section would in a traditional rock outfit. The band builds itself carefully around the electronics contributed by bassist/keyboardist Sean Donovan and drummer Wayne Magruder. Guitarist/vocalist Aurelio Valle's melodies don't stand out, particularly, except for their framing -- and that alone is enough to make them function differently from most of Calla's contemporaries. Even forays into more traditional songwriting, such as "As Quick as It Comes/Carrera," are successful, revealing a tender, Yo La Tengo-like sound from the group -- albeit equally informed by the ambient side, as demonstrated by the subtly stereo-panned drums on the same track. Televise is an impressive and adventurous -- if occasionally mopey -- collection of songs. ~ Jesse Jarnow

Alternative & Indie - Released January 16, 2001 | Young God Records

Sweltering rockabilly, sedated tempos, and unsettling electronic noise combine for a bizarrely austere form of rural beauty on Calla's second record. Differing from most slow-motioned indie acts, the occasional lazy tempos seem to be borne of the withered and dazed effect from oppressive heat and humidity, rather than earmuffed nippiness. Aurelio Valle's whispered, tense, and plaintive intimacy gives off the effect of a disturbed Joe Pernice. His tone is pretty fatalistic, but he sounds perfectly at home in his discomfort without veering into doom and gloom. His guitars endlessly churn and bristle, highlighted most effectively on "The Swarm," the rockist centerpiece of the album that ends with three minutes of dissonance-drenched rockabilly on the level of prime Gun Club and early Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The inspirations aren't all swampy; the six-minute "Tijerna" concludes with repetitive Velvet Underground/Joy Division spirals of guitar. "Mayzelle" and "Fondness for Crawling" act as interludes on the second half of the record, consisting of nothing but ambient noise -- otherwise, the electronics nestle or emanate from underneath the more "proper" songs like gas fumes from a parched roadway. There's a ton of low end, too. The final touch is a dusty cover of U2's "Promenade," which is more properly formatted for a Wim Wenders film than any other by the Irish band, despite the ill-suited lyrics. If you're dealt with a midnight power outage in 100% humidity, hope that there are batteries left in the boombox to play this solemn, sturm-und-drang work of restrained, immense power. Despite the disparate elements, everything comes together ridiculously well. ~ Andy Kellman

Alternative & Indie - Released February 20, 2007 | Beggars Banquet


Alternative & Indie - Released September 27, 2005 | Beggars Banquet


World - Released March 15, 2004 | Calla


Alternative & Indie - Released January 1, 2006 | Beggars Banquet

Rock - Released October 4, 2005 | Arena Rock Recording Company

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Alternative & Indie - Released March 13, 2006 | Beggars Banquet


Alternative & Indie - Released November 21, 2005 | Beggars Banquet