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Ambiance - Released November 22, 2019 | Decca (UMO) (Classics)


Musique vocale (profane et sacrée) - Released January 1, 1993 | Geffen*


Ambiance - Released September 30, 2015 | Geffen


Ambiance - Released January 1, 2006 | Capitol Records


Ambiance - Released October 6, 1998 | Geffen


Ambiance - Released January 1, 1945 | Geffen


Pop - Released November 24, 2014 | Bing Crosby P&D

Emmy-winning director Robert Trachtenberg's documentary Bing Crosby Rediscovered aired in December 2014 on PBS's American Masters series. Through unprecedented access to archival footage and interviews, the film offers an engrossing and in-depth look at the man who was arguably the most popular entertainer of the 20th century. Crosby recorded nearly 400 hit singles in his career and his best-known work has been well-covered, yet the the bulk of the film's soundtrack consists of previously unreleased recordings. Some of the unearthed highlights are the Judy Garland duet "You're Just in Love," the Les Paul-assisted "It's Been a Long, Long Time," and "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho," a collaboration with his three sons. The consummate performer, Crosby's voice radiated confidence and charm, sounding perfectly at ease even on rough rehearsal tracks. A handful of his signature recordings like "White Christmas" and "Swingin' on a Star" are also included, but the appeal in both the film and its soundtrack is in the rarer material. ~ Timothy Monger

Ambiance - Released November 15, 2019 | Decca (UMO) (Classics)


Ambiance - Released March 9, 1999 | Geffen


Ambiance - Released February 1, 2000 | Geffen


Pop - Released November 4, 1997 | Geffen


Ambiance - Released November 1, 1986 | Geffen


Pop - Released April 8, 2003 | Geffen

Bing Crosby recorded exclusively for Decca Records from 1934-1955 and non-exclusively for a couple of years after that, and Decca purchased some of the masters he recorded for Brunswick prior to his Decca contract, so parent company MCA (a part of Universal) owns the bulk of his studio recordings. The European copyright limit of 50 years on recordings has put many of those recordings in the public domain overseas, leading to a flood of low-quality compilations, many of which turn up in the U.S. To combat them, MCA/Decca has embarked on its own Crosby reissue campaign, using the original masters, of course, enlisting the long-lived fan club the British-based International Crosby Circle, and specifically its North American representative, Wig Wiggins, to compile the albums. The result has been a series of excellent collections, and this is another one. To mark the centenary of Crosby's birth, Wiggins has assembled a thematically arranged 50-track, two-disc compilation that surveys a group of major trends in the singer's work. The compiler has come up with 11 such subheadings, each of which is worthy of its own album -- "Early Hits," "Country and Western," "Songs of the Islands," "Irish Favorites," "Bing's Duets," "Swing With Bing," "Film Favorites," "Bing and the Instrumentalists," "Americana," "The Voice of Christmas," and "Around the World." (Actually, some of these topics have been used to compile whole albums.) It's fair to say that listeners may not be able to distinguish each theme while listening to the discs, but they provide an organizing principal to give the album a good flow. Some critics have faulted Crosby's willingness to record everything from Hawaiian songs to early country tunes, but Wiggins, by choosing and sequencing carefully, justifies his eclecticism. There's a little bit of everything here, and all of it is very good. ~ William Ruhlmann

Musiques de Noël - Released November 24, 2016 | GBMUSIC


Musique vocale (profane et sacrée) - Released January 1, 2010 | Bing Crosby P&D

Although a parade of pop artists recorded Hawaiian material between the '20s and '50s, none of them are as associated with it as Bing Crosby -- who could have (and did) populate an entire hits collection with only his Hawaiian-themed songs. In the early '60s, Crosby was briefly signed to Reprise Records, the new home for the best vocalists in traditional pop, but his only solo-billed record was this one, from 1963. It's an overlooked gem, recorded with Nelson Riddle, who understood more than any other arranger of his era how to bring exotic sounds home to American shores without proceeding directly to overkill. Riddle employs strings slightly more than on his classic arrangements, but they're sweeping and lush -- completely in keeping with the material. Crosby sounds not merely comfortable, but fully relaxed in these songs. The opener, "Return to Paradise," a movie theme from a few years earlier, is the perfect place to start; not with some frothy hula dances, but a warm and reflective ballad wrapped in Riddle's strings, which ebb and flow in an obvious homage to ocean shores. The rest of the record balances a few wistful ballads like the first with light novelties that employ the lap-steel guitar and ukulele that's de rigeur for a Hawaiian LP. ~ John Bush

Ambiance - Released November 1, 2019 | Decca (UMO) (Classics)

Ambiance - Released June 29, 2017 | Reloaded Music

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Ambiance - Released November 22, 2019 | Decca (UMO) (Classics)


Pop - Released April 18, 2014 | Columbia - Legacy


Pop - Released January 1, 2009 | Capitol Records