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The Big Yin compiles ten live comedic song routines from Billy Connolly's early humor-based folk artist period. The title, of course, refers to Connolly's nickname, which translates as "Big One." Most of the numbers seem culled from dinner theaters, as audience members can be heard clinking knives and forks as they explode with laughter at the Scottish comedian's absurdist observational stories. U.K. fans, Scots in particular, will get the most enjoyment from the album, as Connolly's accent is thicker here than usual and the lisps and impediments he affects throughout the pieces make it even harder going for non-Scots. Further, much of the humor is based on the customs and lifestyles of the folks for whom he's performing, meaning many of the local in-jokes go over the heads of non-regional listeners. Connolly's timing and general demeanor, though, come across as hilarious as ever, even if his banjo playing and overall musicality are hardly praiseworthy. Really, only Scots and die-hard Connolly fans should seek out this compilation, as the humor is too place-specific and Connolly's material isn't as honed as it would become in later years. ~ Tim DiGravina

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